Friday, 2 September 2011

Tevez never wanted to leave... apparently

Carlos Tevez's representative has been keen to make sure he gets the right quotes out there in an attempt to patch things up with City fans after the striker blatantly said he wanted to leave... twice!

Honest Kia's football dealings make Delboy look legit.
Anyone that has followed football for any length of time will no doubt be familiar with Kia Joorabchian, the man who isn't registered as an agent but manages to 'represent' a whole load of players throughout South America and Europe. The man is a snake, a devious, self serving weasel that represents many things that are wrong with the beautiful game today.
Speaking to talkSPORT he a once again manages to talk a truck load of verbal excrement, but this is something that we're used to.

After speaking about the failed bid from Corinthians, Kia goes on to say; "We couldn't quite match what City wanted (for Carlos to leave)

"But at the end of the day - as Carlos said at the end of last season - professionally, he is happy at the club."

Oh really? I've no doubt he had no problem with his teammates, but "professionally" happy at the club? I don't think so. If this was the case then why did he put in a transfer request siting irreparable differences with Club executives Brian Marwood and Garry Cook? Or was that just a load of lies in the first place Kia? Was it just more of your backstabbing weaselly ways to get what you and your most expensive asset wanted?

"He is happy with the situation," Kia continues "it was more to do with his family really.

"He has managed to convince his wife to come over for a while at least.

"If she manages to settle in hopefully in the next four or five months, maybe he will settle down and things will be fine."

Oh joy of joys, Mrs Tevez has to be convinced to live in Manchester "for a while at least." So can we be expecting another transfer request in December or January then? Mind you there isn't much excuse now for not settling in the area. There are plenty of Spanish speaking players at City (not that there weren't before mind you) who Tevez and his wife can hang about with, some of them even have partners who will have more in common with Vanesa (Mrs Tevez).

I suspect that it possibly isn't just the language barrier that prompted Vanesa to leave Manchester in the first place. The fact that Carlos couldn't keep it in his pants probably had quite a bit to do with it. You get the sense, especially after the Argentinian chat show clips, that she wont be fully forgiving Carlos in a great hurry and who could blame her really?

The next part of the interview is hilarious for the amount of verbal defecation this snake of a men is able to produce from what I can only (politely) describe as an oral sphincter. After he's spoke about City's possible swap deal for Sneijder which was scrapped after Nasri signed he goes on to say;

"Carlos is the kind of player who adapts wherever he goes.

"He adapts to every league and has won every major domestic competition he has ever played in,

"He himself has no problem with it but, culturally, Milan or Spain would be easier for the wife to adapt to."

Deary me, adapting to a league is completely different to adapting to your surroundings outside of football. And I'm sorry, Tevez has proven he can not adapt to England. After 5 years of being in the country he is still struggling with the basics. This hasn't been helped by the fact that he couldn't be bothered to keep up his English lessons even when he was made captain at City!

David Silva on the other hand has kept up his English lessons and although not yet able to converse confident enough for an interview, he understands almost perfectly what people are saying after just 12 months in the country. Pablo Zabaleta is the same, although he's been here for 3 years, he still has English lessons and is now fluent and even has a Mancunian twang to certain words and phrases!

We're not stupid Kia. Unlike the sheep who simply believe everything they read in the tabloids we're not as gullible, we know the way you operate as you've been involved in our club since the days of Thaksin Shinawatra, who oddly enough also turned out to be as bent as nine bob note. We all know by now that you just just say whatever it is you think will be best in the long run for your clients, which in a way is admirable of you. However, it only serves your ultimate purpose of leeching ever more money off them and the clubs they're involved with.

The quicker parasites such as Joorabchian are out of the game the better.

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