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Tevez interview transcript

The following quotes were independently translated directly onto Twitter by Sebastian Garcia @MundoAlbicelest at the time the Tevez interview aired in Argentina. Three of the quotes were originally out of sync and have been replaced by myself into the areas where they best fit.

I will not be offering any opinion on what is said in this interview during this article, basically because I'm tired of the whole damn affair. I will leave you to make your own judgement. Feel free to leave a comment at the end of the transcript.

"I decided not to talk to the media for the last four months. Last time I spoke was right after the Bayern Munich game.

"It was a delicate situation. I decided to say nothing about it during all this time.

"I want to go back to Manchester and win over the City fans back. People turned their back on me but it's normal. I didn't understand.

"I didn't understand City fans burning my shirt. It hurt. It's normal they react like that because they read all sorts of thing.

"I was grumpy and upset because MANCINI had stripped me of the captaincy with no reason.

"I've decided to return to City. I know I have what it takes to revert the situation. I know it'll be hard, but it's a nice challenge.

Re the Bayern episode: "I have warmed up during the 1st half. Then went to dressing room. For 2nd half I was ready.

"In that 2nd half MANCINI decides to replace DZEKO with DE JONG. It was a defensive sub. I didn't understand. DZEKO argued w/MANCINI.

"I decided to sit. MANCINI was upset for arguing with DZEKO. Then he looks at me and asks me to warm up.

"I told MANCINI I warmed up & was ready to play. He was upset w/another player. Treated me like no player deserves & insulted me.

"MANCINI was upset after arguing with DZEKO, he turns around and sees me. Then he sends me, like a dog, to warm up.

"MANCINI told me all sorts of things there. I don't know why. I was relaxed. I was talking to ZABALETA. I had no problems.

"I never refused to play. I refused to keep warming up. The club investigated and then they fined me"

"I was worried about my future after that 2-week fine. That fine was OK. But I want people to know the truth. They didn't want to.

"The club statement protected the manager. I got a lot of heat from the media in England, Argentina, everywhere.

"Everytime I wanted to take my daughter to school I had 5 journalists on my back. Trained with the reserves. It was uncomfortable.

"I was affected because of this situation. I wanted to find shelter with my family.

"It is true that AC Milan had an interest in me. City didn't want to lose $. It wasn't good for City having me away in Buenos Aires

"I have been training on my own. I know I can be back on the pitch in 2 weeks. I'm willing to play

"It was really emotional being back at La Bombonera (Boca Jrs stadium) for the Martín PALERMO testimonial. It was moving

"If it's true that MANCINI said he will welcome me back if I'm fit, then I like those quotes. But if he only said it for the media...

"But he also said I was never going to be playing for him again. So I don't know. I'll do my best to be available and play

"MANCINI's position got stronger when Kun AGUERO arrived. I don't know if he would have done the things he did if this was last season.

"Last season we almost exchanged punches! But he never said anything. He got a better team this season & felt like making the decision.

"Now that I have a cooler head, I understand City fans. Back in the heat of the moment I didn't. I did a lot of things for City.

"To be insulted by fans after what happened in Munich was something I didn't deserve.

"I was very upset by everything and maybe I wasn't seeing things clearly. That Bayern episode could have been avoided.

"They could have kicked me out of the club without saying all the things they said. Deal with the situation in a different way.

"I think that's where MANCINI got things wrong. If we had a problem, we could have sorted it out in a different way.

"Last season, after a home game vs. Newcastle, we almost hit each other in the dressing room. But we spoke the following day.

"MANCINI is a winner. And I'm a winner too. None of us like to lose.

"My first few months in England (West Ham), I felt terrible. I wanted out. I wasn't playing. But I worked hard & turned things around.

"I love the English league. I think it's the best in the world. I have a problem with Christmas and New Year's Day. You have to play.

"Going to train on 24 December, sometimes play on the 25th. It's tough. I didn't like that.

"There's no need for City to make me have 2 training sessions a day. I'll do it myself.

"I picture myself going back on the pitch and I know I have to play better than I ever did.

"Mauricio MACRI (former Boca Jrs president, current Buenos Aires mayor) asked me to come to Boca for free in 2 years.

"I have to thank Coco BASILE and the people at TigreBoca.

"I train in the mornings. I play a lot of golf. In England it's the middle of winter now so I won't be able to play much. I love it.

"My first goal now is to be back at full fitness. I have trained on my own but lost contact with the ball. Gotta get that back.

 "It's tough to talk about City's title challenge now. I feel like I'm out the squad. I wish I can go back there and help them win.

"I know FERGUSON really doesn't want to lose this title race. I think FERGUSON and BIELSA are the best managers.

"I know FERGUSON didn't have the best relationship with me but together with BIELSA, those two are the best managers I had.

"Paul SCHOLES is the best professional. Him ROONEY and GIGGS...I have no words. They were excellent to me."

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  1. top read as usual mike

  2. He talks like a teenager. I work with teens and believe me, this is how teens talk. But the teens I work with? They develop. They mature.

    Not Carlos.


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