Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Another step closer

Yesterday saw Manchester City submit the planning application for their new 80 acre development program after a 6 week public consultation in which 97% of people voted in favour of the project. We will find out in December whether the plans have been approved or not.

I wont go into too much detail about everything that is planned as I've covered most of it before but here's a quick overview.

The new complex will consist of;
  • Space for up to 400 Academy players to train and study alongside senior players.
  • 1 half size and 11 full size youth development pitches.
  • 1 half size and 4 full size first team pitches.
  • Accommodation and classroom facilities for 40 young players.
  • 1st team changing, gym, refectory and rehab centre.
  • 7000 capacity stadium (5000 seating) for youth team matches.
  • The stadium will also be open to the public during certain times.
  • Staff offices and media centre.
  • Bridge linking the Etihad Stadium and rest of the Etihad Campus to the site.
  • 5.5 acres specifically for use by the community which could include education facilities and sports institute.

You can find out more about the proposals at mcfc.co.uk and manchestercityfootballacademy.co.uk. But before you go, here's a collection of pictures and videos showing what City has planned.

Aerial view by night...

... and by day
Outside the 7000 capacity stadium...

... and inside.

The bridge connecting the site to the Etihad Stadium

Makes you proud doesn't it? :)


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