Friday, 9 September 2011

Garry Cook resigns.

Today it was announced that Garry Cook had tendered his resignation and that it had been accepted by City's Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak. In the light of recent events it was probably the best thing to do all round in all honesty.

You can read the full statements from Cook and Mubarak HERE on

It's no secret that Garry Cook had his fair share of detractors mostly caused by his very public gaffs. Although lets be honest, in the grand scheme of things, up to now they had not actually caused the Club any serious or lasting damage, however embarrassing they were for everyone at the time.

I've certainly been vocal of my criticism of Cook in the past but he has been a major factor in how City has been transformed since taking over as Chief Executive, something which the Chairman recognises in his own statement on the club's website. The club really has gone under a ridiculous transformation and Cook has to take some credit for that.

The resignation is undoubtedly to save face for both himself and the club and was really the only way of settling this quickly and effectively since Cookgate had been blown out of all proportion. In fact it was Cook and Marwood's strict adherence to their business principles that started this whole situation.

As I've said before, the timing of Dr Onuoha's revelations is incredibly suspect and I wouldn't rule out any other outside influences that affected it either. Whatever the case, there is now a vacancy for the club to fill so don't be surprised for a number of people to be linked with the job in the coming days and possibly weeks.

Club Director John MacBeath is temporarily filling the void, however the club will be kean to appoint a permanent replacement as quick as possible to avoid unnecessary disruption behind the scenes. One option within the club may be ex Blackburn Rovers chief John Williams, a highly respected figure within the game and already holds a senior role in the club. Peter Kenyon is also a name that has been linked with City in the past and will no doubt be linked with the club again now there is a vacancy.

Whatever happens, I hope City fans show a modicum decency and some respect for the work Garry Cook actually did for the club, as despite their feelings towards him, that surely outweighs the mistakes he's made in the grand scheme of things. However I feel this last part will be somewhat ignored by most.

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  1. Good blog and I agree on the timing thing. A lot of time between the e-mail and the complaint I'd say.


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