Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ian Wright getting it all wrong again.

Well, Ian Wright is on one about City again. No surprises really with what was thrust into the public domain yesterday. Although I must admit the timing of Mrs Onuoha's revelation is a little bit suspect as Nedum, for the first time in over two years, has a chance of working his way back into contention at City.

You just know Ian Wright has been waiting for something like this to get his torch and pitchfork out of the shed. Him along with every other sports journalist who loves to jump all over City at every chance they get. Ever since SWP's ill-advised move away from City he has blamed the club for ruining his career. Not sure how that works really when it was Ian that was pushing for the move that made his adopted son a bench warmer instead of a first team regular.

I'll just point out now that in no way is this in defence of whoever sent that email, whether it is Cook or someone else. However the stance the Ian Wright has taken smacks of someone with a massive axe to grind and as he has the IQ roughly equal (or less) to the number of England caps he has what he has to divulge is quite predictable.

He calls on the FA to act quickly over these allegations because they were quick to hand Rooney a ban for swearing into the camera last season. What exactly is he expecting them to do when at this moment in time there are only allegations and an internal investigation into the matter has only just started.

Ian then just has to mention that despite the money City have spent on new players the 'gulf in class' between City and United is still "as big as the Grand Canyon". And why is this I hear you ask?

"The greatness of a football club is not just measured by the trophies you win, but by the quality of the people you employ, from the boardroom down to the tea ladies."

Really Ian, a club's greatness is measure by every employee? You're a man who is no stranger to the police and freely admit you drove without a licence or insurance as you bombed around town in other people's cars you decided to break into. And you probably would still have been doing that had Arsenal not picked you up, so what does that say about your beloved club?

But lets see about this gulf in class you say there is with Manchester United shall we. They employed a player who freely admits he set out one game to end another professional's career (and succeeded in doing so) by breaking his leg. In any other place this would be classed as assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, but because it was on a football pitch it was just a bad and mistimed challenge.

How about their honoured manager who kicked a boot across the dressing room at a Beckham because he was hacked off? And what of Wayne Rooney who cheated on his wife with prostitutes? Should we also recall Ryan Giggs who also cheated on his wife with Imogen Thomas and his own brother's wife? These are all employees aren't they Ian? So by your thinking we should be judging the class of Manchester United by these men too. Even going further back from the present day I could mention Louis Edwards, chairman of Manchester United 1965-1980 selling condemned meat, unfit for human consumption to schools for their dinners. They're hardly shining beacons of morality are they?

I could go on about other players at other clubs as there are many examples, but I think my point has been made.

Ian continues to say that even if it wasn't Cook that sent the email it is proof that City is still "being run in a shoddy, shambolic way". Really? Because an email has been sent the whole club is shoddy and shambolic? Again this is not in defence of whoever did send it, but I can 100% guarantee that this will not be the only email in all the clubs to be sent. This is just the only one ever to have gone into the public domain.

Give it up Ian.


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