Friday, 5 August 2011

I had to open my mouth didn't I?

Quiet day for City I said, not much in the news I said... Well thanks Daily Mail, for messing that up and making me look like a prize nob the moment I published the last blog.

They just couldn't help themselves could they? More pictures of a 'bust up' with 'Bad Boy Balotelli' involved, this time with Aleks Kolarov. My god, get a life you bunch of pathetic excuses for journalists. I really can't wait for City to get a closed training ground, but then again they've probably just fill the void left by Balotelli pictures with some other tripe to try and bash City over the head with.

I'm not even going to add the pictures onto here because they're that rubbish. A wag of the finger by Aleks towards Mario... yeah massive bust up, a riot you may even say.

Oh and of course they then have to mention the "I'm not happy in Manchester" quotes again to get a little more mileage out of those as well as the picture of more finger wagging aimed at Mario by dearly departed Jerome Boateng from last season.

If you feel like adding your own view on there then here's the link:

I'd add my own but I don't think the editors would allow such language to be printed...

... and breath...

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