Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Carlos Tevez. An utter disgrace.

I've taken a short time to calm down after the revelation by Mancini that Tevez did indeed refuse to come off the bench and play against Bayern Munich.

I'm not going to go into the game as losing the Bayern Munich away from home is no disgrace. What I do have a problem with is the fact that a player refuses to pull on the shirt of the team that pays him upwards of £200k a week and play half an hour of football in one of the biggest games in its recent history. It's absolutely and utterly disgraceful.

Carlos Tevez has tested the patience of City fans and manager to the absolute limit and his latest stunt has pushed it too far. Mancini spoke to Sky Sports after the game and said; "Tevez refused to come onto the pitch.

"I can't accept this one player refusing to go on."

I have already voiced my opinions on Carlos a number of times (you can find all the articles here) and made it quite clear he had a long way to go before regaining any sort of respect from me and indeed many of the City faithful. He has just blown any chance of that out of the water in what is a blatant stunt to get himself out of City, which is what he wanted last December.

The difference this time is that there were no lame excuses about missing his family (as they're now with him) or that he doesn't get on with Garry Cook (who has now gone) or that he has no one in the City he can talk to (Aguero and Zabba both have partners living with them and a number of other teammates speak Spanish). No this time he point blank refuses to play after being asked to come off the bench to try and help his teammates get a result from a game.

The only hint of some sort of reason was that he didn't feel right to play. Really Carlos? Couldn't you have said that before Mancini named you as a sub? Or was it because you were named as a sub?

It's not just a betrayal of the City fans and his manager, it's a betrayal of the players he plays with, his supposed friends. It's quite clear that Mancini has had enough going so far as to specifically say "he is finished" with Carlos and that "he can't play - never" in a very prickly post match press conference.  

What happens now is any one's guess, but Carlos has been given enough chances by everyone at the club. Whether the Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak decides to fine the player or worse is yet to be seen but a decision needs to be swift and it needs to be decisive. No player at any club should get away with that.

The sad thing is though, Carlos wont care one jot and he has the cheek to say that he has been "professional" whilst at City keeps "trying to do [his] best". The guy is on another planet completely. He will likely get the move he wanted in January and Kia Joorabchian will be pleased because he gets another bit pay day along with the transfer. That is unless City really want to make an example of him and leave him unused and unwanted until the end of the season, and maybe even beyond.

What is clear though, the disruptive influence of an unhappy player is potentially devastating to the harmony in the dressing room. Tevez can not be permitted to poison the friendships that have been nurtured within the club.


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