Saturday, 3 September 2011

Tevez: Mancini, "he's fantastic"

Tevez's most recent interview (given in Buenos Aires two days after his master, I mean representative spoke to talkSPORT) gives a little ray of hope for City fans. Then again it could have been orchestrated by Kia in an attempt to patch things up until the next transfer window.

We've heard it all before though to be fair and nothing really comes as a revelation;

"We had clashes with Mancini in every language but it's a love-hate relationship"

I'm not entirely sure it's been translated correctly as although Tevez doesn't come across as the smartest guy I'm pretty sure he doesn't have multiple personalities to warrant saying "we", or maybe he does!? There were plenty of very public bust ups between the two last season and I'm not entirely sure City fans, or even Mancini will put up with any more of them.

Still speaking about Mancini he says; "He's fantastic, he wants to win and me too."

No surprises there, Mancini is well known for his ridiculously high standards and tendencies towards perfectionism. The post-match interview from the Spurs game speaks volumes about his desire for his team to be the best they can be. When asked if City could have done any better his reply was a simple "Yes" as he went on to describe the single goal that was conceded during the 5-1 win.

"He left me out of the first few matches because I told him I needed to get in shape.

"I'm happy at City and I'm not moving from there."

I think Mancini would have been well aware of his condition and the fact that Aguero had spent more time training with the squad as he cut short his holiday to come and train with City after he signed. He could have quite easily stayed away from the club and recovered from the Copa America like Tevez did but he chose not to.

I'm hoping it was a translation error and that Tevez doesn't actually think he has told Mancini when he's able to play. Or maybe he's just trying to save face (and his ego) by saying it as he must know that he is not the main man anymore. Whatever the case is that, lets not gets started on the "I'm not moving from there" part.

What's plainly obvious now is that we have Tevez at City until December at least, and there is little doubt that Mancini will utilize him as at the end of the day he is still one of the best strikers in world football. What happens between now and then is any one's guess but if he wants to gain the fans' trust again he's got a long way to go.

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