Friday, 9 September 2011

Hang your head in shame man.

I don't normally post things like this but I read something in the MEN this morning that really annoyed me. A supposed City fan has contacted the MEN with a complaint about the club he professes to have supported for over 30 years.

And what was the reason for contacting the press? I mean it must have been something awful for a 'proper' fan to give the press another story they can bash City with, surely? The Club refused to let him use the players tunnel to get to his seat because he had a broken leg. Shock horror, however could they do such a terrible thing?

The 'fan' in question is Mike McKeown, I don't mind saying his name seeing as he didn't mind going to the press in the first place and the article is freely available to read here in the MEN. And the first thing you'll notice is the 'woe is me' pose with his lower leg in a cast stretched out on a table in front of him. Awww diddums.

The article describes him as facing 'the prospect of missing the action' and goes on to say he rang the club to ask if he could use the player's tunnel to access his front row seat without using steps. This was because he claims he couldn't walk down the steps but even admits that it was "a bit cheeky" to ask that in the first place.

Why the player's tunnel? Ok your seat is supposedly close to the dugout but why not ask about standard access routes? Why choose one of the only places in the stadium that is restricted to media, security and club officials?

He was offered alternative seating over the phone but it appears the first seats that were looked at were sold out so he told the woman he was speaking to that he "didn't want that anyway." No Mike, we know, you wanted special treatment and go through the player's tunnel, we get that.

Mike also complains that the woman on the phone wouldn't let him "speak to the disabled officer. She just said no and told me she would say the same." Possibly because the person you were speaking to knew that it was out of the question under the circumstances you described Mike.

I've seen people on crutches navigate those stairs, they're not even that steep. If he was so bothered about falling down them then he could have asked for help from Stewards or whoever he was at the game with. And if he still didn't feel comfortable using the stairs, there are disabled access routes he could have used.

It transpires that by the time he went crying to the press for his 15 minutes of fame he had already been offered upgraded seats to the 2nd tier where he doesn't have to use any stairs. Unfortunately he didn't want those either. He has now been offered the use of a service tunnel to get to his seat and has yet to respond.

The press don't need much ammunition to take shots at City, neither do they need much information to write a whole article slating them. Mr McKeown, hang your head in total and utter shame man, and I use the term 'man' very loosely here. You've acted more like a spoilt child trying to get his own way, but when you couldn't you've gone crying to someone who would give you a little bit of attention.

Perhaps you might want to ring the club and see if the Club's doctors could take a look at how your leg is mending, and get the physio to treat you once the cast has been taken off. I know Mike, ring them up and see if you can have a run out on the pitch with a few minutes of the game to go just to see how well the leg has mended. Is that seat of yours a little uncomfortable? See if you can sit in Mancini's chair, I'm sure he wont mind swapping with you. In fact while you're at it

You say you've supported City for over 30 years? City (or any other club in fact) doesn't need fans like you thank you very much, now jog on... When your poorly-woorly leg is better of course. Idiot.


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