Tuesday, 25 October 2011

What now for City and Tevez?

So the club have released an official statement declaring the conclusion of disciplinary procedures against Carlos Tevez. The full statement can be found on mcfc.co.uk.

As you can see the initial charge of effectively failing to play is charge 1 on the list, despite what the media said otherwise. This along with 4 other charges of course.

And what is his punishment? A suspension that is deemed to have already been served and 4 weeks fine which may be around £1.5m in total. He has also been given a written warning regarding his future conduct. Carlos has the right to appeal this decision and knowing his 'advisor' I think we may just see at least one, although I think only a fool would do so as to many, even those outside the club, this appears to be very lenient on Carlos.

Where does this leave City, and Mancini who initially stated Tevez would never play for him again. However the last time he was questioned regarding whether Tevez would play for City again his answer was "I don't know".

I still don't want to see him play for City again, and I'm pretty sure there are quite a few to say the least who share that view. But if he does, and that's a big if, it has to be Mancini's decision and only Mancini's decision. If he is forced into choosing Tevez in the squad then it's time for him to walk away, which I personally don't want to happen. Not only that, the potential damage that would do to the Club's reputation and the message that would send out to the rest of the football world could be pretty devastating and humiliating.  

Lets face it though, why would he be forced into it? We've got 3 strikers who are each scoring at a rate of more than a goal per hour of play! We've certainly not missed him, if anything, we've flourished without him.

This leaves Tevez in a tricky situation, does he knuckle down and try and get in the team knowing there is very little chance and potentially have a few more clubs seriously looking at taking him? Does he continue to throw his toys out of the pram, and hope lets him go on the cheap in a January move? You just don't know, but you can bet we've not heard the end of it. Prepare yourselves for numerous media announcements and interviews from Kia Joorabchian as well as stories from mysterious 'sources close to Carlos' in the coming weeks.

The statement today really suggests the Club are trying not to devalue Carlos too much and are looking to recoup some money for him in January. But 2 questions remain, who is seriously going to want to pay for him, and how much are the club willing to take?


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