Monday, 17 October 2011

Mancini: "We need one win"

Tomorrow (or today depending on when and where you're reading this), as Mancini would say, is important. It's important that City get a win against Villareal as failure to do so would mean it would leave City hanging on the results of every other side in every other game left in 'the group of death'.

It's certainly not how we all hoped our first foray into Europe's elite would go so far, but we've not exactly embarrassed ourselves either, but 1 point from a possible 6 is certainly not championship winning form.

Mancini is certainly well aware of the task at hand, speaking in the pre-match press conference;

"We need one win to get our Champions League campaign going."

"Villareal will be hard but we can win this game and it will make a difference in the group."

With either one of Napoli or Bayern dropping points against each other as a draw seems quite unlikely given the abilities of each it's imperative City capitalise while they can. I suspect Bobby has been steeling the lads since the Villa game judging by what he says next;

"Villareal are a very experienced Champions League side and it is important that we take three points no matter how we do it."

No matter how we do it eh? Three points at all costs is what City need right now in the Champions League.

"I think we need ten points to go to the next stage and to achieve that we need to win on Tuesday night."

Well we're on one point right now with another twelve left to play for, you do the math. Of course we may be able to qualify with less than ten but as I have already mentioned, that would leave City hoping for other results to go their way, something that City have had to do all to often in the past.

Perhaps thankfully Villareal are sitting at the bottom of the group after losing their first two games. They're also thirteenth in La Liga having only won one of their seven games so far. They're certainly not a team in form at the moment.

All this means though is that the fixture has turned into one of those potential banana skin games. Lets hope City don't slip up.


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