Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The first of many...

Well it didn't take them long did it? I said to get ready for announcements and stories in the coming weeks. I didn't expect the first to be only hours away, however.

You will find in most places the story that Tevez and his representatives are mulling over suing Mancini for defamation of character. To be honest, he's done a pretty good job of it himself over the last 12 months without any help.

What has come as music to my ears though, after initial thoughts that at some point the club may attempt to influence Mancini's team selection in the hope to gain more interest in Carlos, is the report that Khaldoon al Mubarak has spoken to Mancini to offer Sheikh Mansour's unreserved support in what ever decision he makes regarding Tevez.

In fact it appears City's hierarchy are more than willing to let Teves sit and stew for as long as it takes to get a reasonable offer for him, and (reportedly) state that no offer will even be considered unless it represents true market value for the striker, which in the summer was around £50m. What it is now is anyone's guess.

Most of the reports are also saying that 6 days before the game against Bayern Munich Tevez was informed by the club that he would forego his loyalty bonus, believed to be around £6m, and that there as absolutely no chance of an extended or improved contract. This is due to the transfer requests and the fact City initially accepted to lower their asking price for him when Corinthians came knocking. That transfer eventually broke down because City were not provided adequate evidence that Corinthians could even meet the lowered valuation.

We've seen the official statement provided by City but Tevez's representatives are claiming the letter Carlos received informing him of the Club's decision states he 'refused to warm up with a view to playing'. They're basically saying what was reported last week that the club were backing down on the refusal to play and were instead charging him with refusal to warm up. What the real difference is between those can't amount to much as if you don't warm up, you can't play.

They're also saying there was no mention of the 4 other charges found on City's website. So despite Carlos getting off very lightly in the end, he and his representatives are still going to fight the decision and drag this on as long as possible in the hope to eventually get their own way.

Oh how I hate Kia Joorabchian...

Thankfully I think those at the club, especially Mancini couldn't care less what he does now and I doubt this will have much, if any affect on the way Bobby goes about his daily work with the rest of the squad.


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  1. What does a footballer think being on the bench means?It means being ready at any point in the match to follow the orders of your manager to warm up.This does not necessarily mean you are going on the pitch.Sometimes it is done to motivate the players already on the field to improve their performances or be replaced by the player warming up !!!!! Mr Tevez obviously doesn't understand this concept although he should after the wayhe was used by the rags !!!!!


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