Friday, 14 October 2011

Blue Views

Only a short post from me this time before the game tomorrow.

Blues brothers, Dave and Peter Scott over at From The Same Hole Productions spent a few weeks prior to the start of the current season interviewing several City fans about their thoughts and feelings about the club's past and present as well as why they are City fans in the first place. They have now finished putting them all together and have published the final product on their blog and youtube.

I have to thank the guys for including me in their project and look forward to seeing their latest one, Vengeful, once it has been finished.

I would have posted the video itself but it's just not having it. So click here for Blue Views.

Dave Scott also has a City blog you can follow - View From The North Stand

City Stats will be published after the City v Villa in the usual places, Twitter and facebook after the match.


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