Monday, 19 March 2012

Do your talking on the pitch.

With the events of the weekend shocking the football world, I felt the self promotion of the blog could wait a couple of days. And even now, lives hang in the balance as family and friends wait with bated breath for a shred of good news.

Certainly as fans, us Blues are no strangers to such tragic events and can empathise fully with how Bolton's fans must be feeling.

But however harrowing those images were, each club still has their own season to get on with. Although our thoughts and prayers go out to the each and every person affected by the events, City are still in with a chance of a Premier League title and it is to this we should respectfully turn as City take on Chelsea in 2 days time.

During the early part of the season you would have been hard pushed to find any interviews given by City players, and even fewer regarding the chances to clinch City's first Premier League title.

As the season has drawn on though, more and more players have taken the opportunity to give interviews regarding a few things, some on several occasions.

In fact it's been since January that I've seen a notable change. Hart, Richards, Lescott, Kolo, Kompany, Zabaleta, Clichy, Milner, Yaya, De Jong, Silva, Aguero have all been giving interviews about the title and Tevez.

City's form, especially away from home, has taken a nosedive and been knocked out of the Carling and FA Cup, gone out of Europe and been overtaken by United.

Right now I don't want to hear about how Tevez will be like a new signing, or how all the players are apparently pleased he's back in the squad, or how every game is like a Champions League final, and that the league is still in our own hands.

Why? Because since players and indeed Mancini have been saying this, they've played the worst football of their entire season. After saying they were going to give 100% for the full game in every game, they haven't.

Actions, they say, speak louder than words. The players should forget about trying to compete with the mind games, and get back to what they were doing at the start of the season and do their talking on the pitch. That is the only way City will win the league.

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  1. fredrik nöff molin19 March 2012 at 12:51

    I'll agree with you, they have to get back to game they had

  2. Fredrik mcfc molin19 March 2012 at 13:12

    I'll agree, If they play liked they did from start of the season, they will win the premier league.Ctid


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