Monday, 23 April 2012

They thought it was all over...

Every pundit from Sky Sports to Match of the Day had United walking away with the title once City had surrendered the leaded and fallen behind them. Just to peg back a few points from the raging juggernaut that is United was a seemingly insurmountable task for City.

Fergie was once again lauded as some kind of mystical genius for his mind games and that Mancini had totally lost the plot under the weight of trickery emanating from the man with the bulbous red nose.

City were doomed, with no purpose, no direction, like a ship borne along by a stormy sea while United soared off into the sunset on tales of 'we always finish the season strong' in a cloud of Munich and #20 merchandise and ridiculous banners. "Why Always We"? Jeez...

The fat lady was up off her saggy arse with the resonance from her thundering voice already shattering the windows of the Etihad Stadium.

Rooney celebrated with gleeful abandonment at the local residential care home, Nani and Valencia moon-walked a lap of honour around Salford, Young leapt for joy getting another player, any player, sent off, and Ferguson drank himself into a stupor after cracking open yet another bottle of bourbon.

But all those pundits and so-called experts were so wrong. So, so wrong. Thanks to a pasting from Wigan and a little fighting spirit from Everton coupled with 12 goals in 3 games from City and the title race has been blown as wide open as the gap in United's defence during the 6-1 demolition.

Ferguson, despite saying the City would never challenge for the title in his lifetime, has admitted that April 30th will host the biggest Manchester derby of his career. Mancini on the other hand continues to remove all pressure from his own players whilst systematically baffling each and every journalist that comes across him.

What happened to Ferguson and his mind games destroying the morale of entire clubs, or City crumbling under the pressure and being lucky to finish 2nd? What a difference a couple of weeks can make. The rather rotund lady has had a chicken balti pie shoved down her cake-hole and told to pipe down because this aint over yet.

April 30th, bring the pride, bring the Poznan, bring the noise.

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