Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Vladimir Weiss wants to leave Manchester.

It has been made public that Vladimir Weiss had completed his medical at Dynamo Kiev and that they were willing to pay the estimated £3m valuation for his services, but this was 2 days ago now and nothing seems to be happening. Reports today suggest that there may be other suitors interested in his signature and a growing number of City fans are becoming eager to see him walk through the exit.

The young Slovakian joined City full of promise and if he was at this level in the City team of 4 years ago he would probably be a first team regular. As it stands, Mancini feels he's not developed to the required level as we saw by the season-long loan at Rangers last season where he performed to a relatively average level.

Weiss began to get the disapproval of City fans when he got himself mixed up in the issue of sectarianism which blights the Scottish Premier League. He is obviously a very impressionable young man, but that can not excuse his actions after the SPL chiefs and hierarchy of each club had spoken against such things.

One of his tweets which caused quite a stir was; "All Celtic fans I hateeeeee youuuuu!"

He was also confronted by Police during and Old Firm clash as he held aloft a scarf displaying "We Are The People" to Celtic fans.

He further alienated City fans by boldly displaying his obvious affection for Rangers often displaying things like "Rangers forever" and "WATP" or just simply banging on about Rangers being "Champions again" on the day City rose to the top of the Premier League after beating Bolton 3-2 at the Reebok Stadium.

Through his twitter page he has shown a complete lack of respect for the club that developed his talent since he joined in 2006. And because of this, despite his potential and a promising pre-season, City fans are not too saddened by his potential sale.

I still stand by my opinion of if he got his head down and stepped his game up a little further he could have a great future in the game, although most likely wont be with City now. And no disrespect to Rangers, but with Vladimir so desperate to go back there on loan this season you have to ask the question; was he happy playing at a lower level and happy with the personal level he was at? That doesn't strike me as someone motivated to up their game and prove themselves on the biggest stage.

To top off his lack of dignity on Twitter, he then makes no bones about his feelings by saying;

"One thing is for sure, I want to leave Manchester."

He also appears to try to drum up a bit more interest in himself by declaring that several teams in England (notably Wigan) and Spain are "immensely interested" in signing him. Well  I don't see anyone beating the door down Vladi, is this just another case of you being a legend in your own mind?

Whatever the case, Vladi, I don't think too many people will miss you when you're gone.

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