Saturday, 20 August 2011

Paul Merson; What a nob.

A quick flick through the City headlines on the net today provided nothing particularly new, nothing out of the ordinary for a build up to another weekend of Premier League action. But as spotted along with a few others was Paul Merson's column.

So what has he got in store today? Is it a piece about his beloved Arsenal's early test against Liverpool and their hopes of staying in the top 4 places in the league? Or is it an insightful piece about how he hopes the debacle between Arsenal and Newcastle should have been dealt with? Errrmm, no it's neither.

Paul Merson has been grinding that axe again. In fact I'm surprised there's any axe left to grind, or maybe he just keeps getting a new one? Either way he very rarely, if ever has anything good to say about City, ever, today being no exception. The fact that his column is in the Daily Star is an indication of a few things, but I'll try and hold back from personal jibes for now at least.

His very first sentence sums sets the tone with; "I said Sergio Aguero is no Carlos Tevez and I stand by that."

Good for you, and personally I'm glad he's not another Carlos Tevez otherwise we'd have spent £35m on a player who will want to leave in 2 years time. But anyway...

He then pays some sort of complement to the player by saying he was "outstanding" in his 30 minute debut but simply can't resist putting it "in perspective" noting ever an ever so insightful manner that "He wasn't playing Manchester United."

And? Yes it may have 'only' been Swansea but that's not his fault, you can only play what's in front of you. And I don't know who he's been talking to but he keeps "hearing [Aguero] will score more goals than Rooney this season" and that he just doesn't see it happening.

I don't know anyone that's been saying that, I haven't read or heard it anywhere in the media, Mancini hasn't said it in any interview, none of City's players have said it in any interview either. I think Paul may need another spell in rehab.

But even so, is Rooney really such a massive goal machine? Not in the Premier League anyway. Paul Merson makes it sound as though Rooney guarantees almost 20 goals a season but the hard facts show otherwise. Rooney has only ever had one season so far in his career where he has scored more than 20 goals in a single season in the Premier League. In fact he's only had two seasons where he's scored more than 15 goals.

Ok he had a very good 09-10 season when he scored 26, but take that out of the equation and the neanderthalic granny lover has averaged just 12 goals per season at the swamp. Hardly that impressive is it? How Rooney does this season is obviously yet to be seen but where Merson is getting his ideas from is any one's guess.

The half-wit then moves on to other areas of City he can moan about;

"City still miss Tevez and they will until it all gets sorted out."

I beg to differ there Paul, City haven't looked like they've missed Tevez in the slightest, and despite the berating I got last season from saying it I'm even more convinced that City can only develop further as a team without him. I'm not saying Tevez hasn't been an integral player since joining, because he has. His goals have helped City get where they are.

But, and here's a very important point here; I feel David Silva has become a much more creative influence with Tevez out of the team and other players are now having the opportunity to benefit from it. My reasoning behind this will have to wait for another day.

Now Merson turns his attention on Mancini;

"I watch Mancini and he looks like he can upset players, and they can upset him. However well they do, there will be rumbles coming out of that club."

Oh really? Is it rumblings from any of the regular first team players? The only one of those that's made any real noise is Tevez and we all know about his commitment issues. I can't think of any other regular first team player that's actually moaned about wanting to leave. And I'm not talking about the media induced rubbish where they take certain quotes and twist them to suit a purpose as each of the players that's happened to has publicly stated otherwise.

And then we have to old chestnut of "Mancini is too cautious" as though we haven't heard that one before. Even many City fans complained of an over cautious approach last season, and in some case they were justified, but as Mancini rightly states that having 2,3 or even 4 strikers on the pitch doesn't mean you'll score more. It's about having a balanced team, and what on earth is wrong with that?

For evidence of this just look at the "free flowing, attacking football" Spurs were famed for last season. I say famed, what I actually mean is that because 'future England manager' and tax dodger, Mr rent a quote 'Onest 'Arry is Spurs manager, the media fawned over his team despite very obvious tactical flaws.

Spurs, for all their so called attacking prowess actually scored fewer goals than City. And thanks to City's more balanced approach they also conceded fewer goals and had the highest number of clean sheets. Lets put it this way, despite the 'boring' football Merson sees at City, I think I know who's fans were happier come the end of the season.

Face it Merson, you're a moron. You can barely pronounce your own name and somehow someone has given you a job voicing your opinions live on air. What were Sky thinking of? There are few people in sports who get the same level of almost universal ridicule, but you carry on as you are Paul, and we'll all keep laughing at you.


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  1. I hope he reads this. Even Noel Gallagher has had a pop at him for his anti-City bias. Their demise (the likes of Merson, Thompson and Hansen) is on the way and they know it.


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