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Villas Boas: "I don't like their standards of football"

Before this week started I thought latest Chelsea Manager Andre Villas Boas was a bit of a pleb, but after his most recent outburst regarding several matters, I know he is.

In fact he well and truly belongs in Plebville, or better still, the insanity wing of Plebville State Penitentiary where Sheriff Rodney Marsh and deputy Francis Lee can keep a close eye on him.

Boas spoke about a few things in his interview for Portuguese radio station TSF, but lets just focus on the part that is to do with City.

"I refuse to build a team like City, I don't like the standards of their football. City is a very organised, efficient, well-balanced team. All they want right now is to be champions. There's an exact formula to be successful in Premier League, and that's what City is doing right now: attacking efficiency above all.

"They are an Italian team, they follow the Italian standards. If I saw them playing in Italy, I would say that's where they actually belong."

Is this guy for real, or is he just trying to make as many waves as possible before being tossed over the side of the ailing ship Chelsea FC by Abramovich, making himself look even more ridiculous in the process?

I think I'd be hard pressed to even find a United fan who thinks City haven't played good football this season.

But what standards are being referred to here? Boas mentioned being organised, efficient and being having the exact formula for success.

Now call me crazy but how is being organised, efficient and having the perfect formula for success a negative thing? Well, Andre clearly feels that's the case, as we can see from his team's performances this season. This may come as a bit of a surprise too, as he was once one of Jose Mourinho's coaches whilst at Chelsea. The 'Special One' isn't exactly known for his exciting and expansive football. His teams have always been based on a solid structure and organisation.

Of all the managers Chelsea have had whilst Abramovic has been there, Villas Boas undoubtedly has the worst record at this moment in time having only won 49% of his games.  Compare that to Hiddink (71%) who was also there for a short period of time and, you can see the difference in class.

If this was an attempt at diverting some attention from his own performance as manager at Chelsea, it hasn't worked. In fact, it's entirely the wrong team and manager to attack. Trying to belittle the team that's top of the league having scored more and conceded fewer goals than any other team, with a 100% home record probably wasn't the best move.

But one thing that hasn't been mentioned in the media is how this interview has also highlighted his poor man management skills.

When Balotelli ran over to hug Mancini in the technical area after scoring a goal, it was because of his affection for his manager. Then we hear reports of Chelsea players being ordered to celebrate with the manager if they score a goal to show how unified they all are.

You can't force that kind of celebration, you can't force someone to like you, it has to be earned. Mancini has earned it from both the players (well most of them) and the fans.

The situation Boas finds himself in isn't too dissimilar to the one Mancini faced when he first took over at City. A large squad, full of players on high wages, with some that didn't fit into the system that he wanted to play for whatever reason.

Several stories of discontent have emerged from more than one of Chelsea's old guard, just like the stories from the likes of Adebayor emanated from City because he was being left out.

Mancini had to make those tough decisions and weather a lot of criticism for it, but not once has it truly affected the performances on the pitch. City have continued to grow and improve due to Mancini's strength of character and ability to have players still perform well on the pitch. That constant improvement now sees them top of the Premier Leauge with 12 games to go.

What we have seen at Chelsea is a definite and drastic change in standards on the pitch and there is only one person who is to blame, Villas Boas. I've heard all the usual stuff about players under performing due to them not agreeing with the manager and that they have to take responsibility,  and I do agree with that to a certain extent, but who has created that situation? Villas Boas. Who is failing to successfully manage that situation? Villa Boas.

Mancini managed that situation and despite several players not being happy, the team continued to move forward due to his man management ability and the 'standards of football' he has implemented.

City fans have witnessed several decades of a certain type of excitement, never knowing how the team was going to perform in each game, whether we'd get a decent cup run or just avoid relegation. Villas Boas can have that if he wants, and in a small way, he's got it. I, on the other hand, quite like this more organised and stable version of excitement at the top of the league.

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  1. Fantastic Article! If this is AVB's attempt at mind games, I for one can not wait to hear what else he comes up with prior to the 19th of March! thanks Mike enjoyed this post. CTWD


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