Monday, 7 May 2012

One more game...

Just one more game. Forget the biggest ever and most watched Premier League game that was the Manchester derby, forget the FA Cup final, THIS is the biggest game of my lifetime, and no doubt many other fans' too.

If you thought Newcastle was a big game, and believe me it was, then the last game of the season against QPR is of gigantic importance for the Club.

We've been told that City would never be favourites in a certain manager's lifetime.

We've been told we have no team spirit.

We've been told our players just play for themselves.

We've been told we blew the title when we lost to Arsenal and Bet Fred paid out on United being league champions.

We've even been called glory hunters and been asked where were we when we were sh*t. Oh how we laugh at that one.

We've been told United have all the experience when it comes to the end of the season and our players don't have any. Although the excuses were coming out last night against Swansea about 'all the young players' at United who don't have the experience we have been told they have for the last 4 months.

Now we're being told we're only winning games because we influence the ref! Are you sure about that Alex? How stupid you look when you come out with things as hypocritical as that.

Well all of this can be thrown firmly into the faces of every single doubter we've ever had and make Alex Ferguson's nightmares of him losing the league on goal difference true. We could end 44 years of hurt and ridicule. We could make history by winning just one more game.

City have done most of the hard work, sprinting off into an early lead that was maintained for most of the season. Then losing pace and falling behind only to muster up an extra burst of strength and speed by exceptional courage and focus. Now the two front runners are neck and neck with City edging it, just.

One more push, one more cheer from the crowd to spur on one more lung-busting drive to the end. One more, just one more, we dare to dream, together we believe.

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