Tuesday, 24 January 2012

One for the future: Interview with Alex Henshall

Last week one of City's brightest young talents received the news that he was on the shortlist for Great Britain's Olympic football team at the 2012 Olympic Games having played a number of games for England's U17s.

Since arriving from Swindon in June 2010 at 16 years old, Alex Henshall has impressed City's coaching staff and has been a regular feature for the U18s and also featured for the EDS in the NextGen series this season. Alex is one of a number of promising attacking players coming through City's ranks at the moment with Albert Rusnak, Devante Cole and Jordi Hiwula just 3 other names to choose from in the academy squad.

After the news that ex-City manager Stuart Pearce had shortlisted the 17 year-old winger, I decided to try and pin the pacey wide boy down to a few questions.

MW: Thanks for taking the time out for this, Alex. We'll jump straight into it. How do you feel about being shortlisted for the Team GB Olympic team? And is there any particular player you would like to play alongside should you make the final cut?

AH: Very happy and delighted with the news. At first I didn't think it was real and couldn't get my head round it, but yeah very happy! And definitely David Beckham. Always idolised him and would be a life time experience!

MW: You were nominated for City's goal of the season for your volley against Liverpool last season, is that the best goal you've scored so far?

AH: hahaha I took the goal well but yeah I would say it's defiantly up there without a doubt.

MW: Is there anyone in City's 1st team that you look up to or has influenced you since joining City, and why?

AH: Yeah, always been Adam Johnson. People always say we're alike but obviously he's better and experienced. I learn a lot off him just by watching him especially on and off the field!

MW: Are there any players in the U18s that you particularly enjoy playing alongside?

AH: I love playing with all of them, I'm not going to single anyone out. I think they have made me a better player playing with them I'm certain with that, and I think we have all got a good chemistry now :)

MW: Who is your favourite player in general?

AH: My favourite player at the moment is Gareth Bale. He's class at the moment and he plays like I want to play.

MW: How was it playing against your old side in the FA Youth Cup, and how do you feel about your opponents, Fulham, in the next round?

AH: Yeah like I always said I love my home town, I would never forget it! Was great going back and playing against them and also seeing friends and family all again. Also especially to show how much I progressed. Yeah Fulham, another good side. Think we're all looking forward to it. Another test for us and hopefully we'll come out with another victory.

MW: You've only been with City about 18 months or so, are you aware of the transfer connection City has with Swindon in the past?

AH: Umm yeah a few said to me when I signed that players like Mike Summerbee were there, if thats correct! But at the time I wasnt aware of it haha.

MW: Spot on. Which team do you support? Swindon, City, or another?

AH: Funny enough I actually support Liverpool! It's just a family thing, we all support them, but I must say I do support City a little bit now, because you know playing for them too and I like watching them :)

MW: What would you like to acheive in the next 12 months, and where would you like to be in the next 5 years?

AH: Well I'v always dreamt about being a Premiership player, So I hope I make it to the top level where ever I go and have a good career in the game. The next 5 years, umm, well hopefully I'll still be good then, haha! But nah, I still hope I'll be playing Premiership level and still progressing because I love doing what I do and I'll do anything to play.

Thanks again for taking the time out Alex, and hopefully that Premiership future will be with City in not too many years to come.

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