Saturday, 21 January 2012

Don't you just love the media's interpretation?

'Mancini admits to Adebayor mistake' and 'Mancini rues Adebayor loan deal as punchless City prepare for Spurs' are just 2 of the headlines I've seen since the pre-Spurs press conference. Now I've watched that myself, and I must have missed the bit where Mancini said this as I don't recall it at all.

ESPN (one of the more useless sports sites I've come across so far) had this to say;
"While Mancini was initially happy to let the Togolese striker depart on a temporary basis in the summer, he has now admitted he would not have let Adebayor leave the Etihad Stadium if he had known Carlos Tevez would go on to fall out with the club, depriving Mancini of a fourth striker alongside Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko and Mario Balotelli."

Mancini was actually asked;
"Has there been times recently with the Carlos situation and injuries when you wish you could have been able to call on (Adeybayor)?"

And his exact reply was;
"Probably, probably. But we didn't know what would happen with Carlos like in Munich. We had four strikers, I think with four strikers you can play one year."

Forgive me but where does he say that it was a mistake to let Adebayor go out on loan? Previously in the conference he intimated that Ade would have been left on the bench at best most of the time anyway, and wouldn't have been happy about that just as he wasn't last season which was why he was loaned out then.

In hindsight would Mancini not have loaned out Ade? Well when he was loaned out last season City had Tevez, Balotelli and Dzeko from January. Who is to say that Ade wouldn't have gone anyway now we have Aguero, Balotelli and Dzeko while Tevez plays golf in Argentina?

Don't the press know that City posts each press conference on their website for everyone to see for themselves? The stories are sly ways to make Mancini sound incompetent, as well as a 'cheat' according to other recent stories.

Lets not forget about the second headline I mentioned earlier, either. "Punchless" City. I doubt you'd be surprised to hear that this is from the Daily Mail posted by an unnamed sportsmail reporter. I wonder why they felt the need to remain anonymous? Perhaps because the headline is so blatantly anti-City that it's embarrassing?

This punchless City have scored more goals than anyone in the league by the way. Our strikers have netted a combined 42 goals in all competitions and only Mario Balotelli has scored fewer goals in the league than Adebayor due to missing around a quarter of the season with Ade playing in almost every game.

Spurs' strikers (Adebayor, Defoe, Pavlyuchenko) have scored a combined 24 goals in all competitions in comparison. So, Daily Mail, would you like to have a little word with the idiot that wrote the article as this is just another pathetic, lazy, inaccurate anti-City piece of journalism.

Oh, and don't worry Ade, we don't want to prize you away from the new club you're in love with, and the new manager that's the best you've ever had and understands you and has helped you, and the fans that you adore (despite you making an official complaint about them 12 months ago for what you perceived as racist chants towards yourself). That is until you figure out that Spurs wont be putting up any money for you come the end of the season.

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  1. You could spend hours and hours analyzing why soccernet is basically a tabloid. If Mancini said, "I'm not crazy about the rain," the headline would be, "MANCINI HATES MANCHESTER WEATHER" with a sub-headline reading, "leaving for warmer climate?"

    I mean, we could do this all day. But I love those crazy chatboards, I love reading about soccer and soccernet is readily accessible and they have David Hirshey whom I like so there you go.

    Love the blog, by the by.


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