Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Kolo: 'African players are the victims of discrimination'

Kolo Toure's most recent interview, given to So Foot will certainly raise a few eyebrows within City, and they certainly don't conform with the professional image that people generally associate with the elder Toure brother.

"I feel it's going to be more and more difficult for Africans. Competing in the tournament is a catastrophe for us these days. Coaches don't want to sign players because of it. African players are the victims of discrimination."

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but didn't City sign his brother last year? Do Drogba and Essien play for one of the biggest clubs in England? Adebayor currently plays on loan for Spurs (although retired from international duty), Gyan was signed by Sunderland but wanted out, Odemwingie plays for West Brom and so on and so on. There have been plenty of African players play in the Premier League over the years.

Although the accusation of discrimination was not directed specifically at Manchester City, he then goes on to describe how the club hired a plane to get him back to Manchester from the African Nations Cup so he would be available to play in the Carling Cup semi-final 2nd leg against United in January 2010;

"I couldn't get back in time and we lost. I believe the club as never got past that, and I'm paying for it now."

So Kolo is saying because he couldn't get back in time to play a game the club are punishing him for it nearly 2 years later? Don't make me laugh. He was still first choice for the defensive partnership last season for the majority of the first half of the campaign until his drugs ban.

There are also claims that Kolo questioned the ability of fellow player and defender Stefan Savic by saying "When you look at the performance of Savic against QPR - excuse me, I'm relaxed."

Sorry Kolo but you've hardly covered yourself in glory when you've been given chances this season. I can appreciate that he will not be as sharp as he should be because of the ban but my word, some of the mistakes he has made are horrendous. I wont say he is a bad player but he isn't anywhere near being a first choice centre back at this moment in time.

He also went on to add "I know my own qualities, I've got nothing to prove. I'm convinced that if I'm not playing, it's not only for footballing reasons."

Those 2 howlers in the first 15 minutes against Norwich would have seen City 2-0 down against better opposition. Although he played well for the rest of that game it was against a newly promoted side for crying out loud. His performances against Birmingham and Wolves in the Carling Cup were, shall we say, questionable.

When Kolo failed his drugs test, Joleon Lescott quickly forged a strong partnership  at the back with Vincent Kompany. One that was much more balanced and compatible than that of Kolo and Kompany. In my own opinion, Lescott is a better defender than Kolo in the first place. That may not have been the case 3-4 years ago, but it certainly has been for the last 2-3 in my own opinion.

How Kolo can say there is any other reason than ability for not getting much game time is absolutely laughable. He sounds like a jealous ex-girlfriend who's been dumped for someone younger and more attractive. He has no one but himself to blame for his lack of game time. Ok maybe he can blame Lescott and Kompany too, but it's not their fault they're just better than him.

There have already been rumours about PSG's interest in the Ivorian, and with us only a few short weeks away from the January transfer window these comments scream 'I'm an international footballer, get me out of here.' And to be quite honest, I'm not bothered.

Savic has shown signs that he has potential and if Kolo does leave I doubt we wouldn't be in a position to be able to bring in another defender if Mancini wishes to do so. But we'll see how this pans out, we can't see the whole context in which these comments were made in, but they aren't particularly professional and they wont help his case in the slightest if he actually wants to be at City.

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